Phase I and II Environmental Assessments/ Earth Science Services

Tim Miller Associates, Inc. provides a broad range of groundwater and geoscience related services that include hazardous waste investigations, underground storage tank assessments and Phase I and II site assessments associated with property transfers or feasibility studies. TMA prepares Phase 1 site assessments in accordance with ASTM and Fannie Mae standards. Asbestos inspections are also provided. Groundwater services range from individual well location selection to groundwater exploration and testing and development of community water supplies.

Groundwater Resource Evaluation and Development

  • Geologic mapping, structural fabric analysis, fracture trace and well siting studies
  • Well logging, aquifer pump testing and analysis, well monitoring and well interference
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant modeling
  • Septic and aquifer contamination studies
  • Aquifer yield and recharge studies

Surface Water Resources

  • Non-point source (NPS) runoff pollution impact studies
  • Surface water contamination modeling
  • Septic surface water contamination assessments
  • Water quality sampling and analysis
  • Assessment of groundwater and surface water pollution potential

Soil Investigations

  • Delineation of hydric soils for wetland and drainage studies
  • Preparation of soil erosion and sedimentation control plans
  • Preliminary rock blasting analysis
  • Pre-construction soil radon gas testing and evaluation
  • Bedrock and/or surficial mapping of industrial minerals and resource evaluation.