Wetlands & Ecological Services

Assistance in the areas of wetland delineation and permit processing involving activities in both tidal and freshwater areas are particular specialties of the firm. Our landscape architects and wetland specialists are adept at developing mitigation plans that meet the requirements of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and local agencies. Mitigation plans including location, size, grades, specification of landscape species, required hydrology, and erosion control programs are also provided.

Wetland boundaries are field delineated by in-house experts according to the following agency criteria:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers
    Delineations based on three parameter approach; vegetation, hydric soils and hydrology
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
    Delineations based on vegetation
  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
    Full familiarity with recently passed wetlands law and regulations
    Delineations based on hydric soils, vegetation and hydrology
  • New York Municipalities
    Full familiarity with most commonly used municipal wetland ordinances
    Delineations based on all criteria as required by municipal ordinances
  • Connecticut Municipalities
    Delineations based on hydric soils as mandated by Connecticut state law
    Delineations based on vegetation where required

In addition, Tim Miller Associates, Inc. provides the following wetland services:

  • Classification of wetland according to pertinent jurisdictional criteria
  • Evaluation of wetland functions and viability
  • Full documentation and preparation of permit application forms
  • Preparation of wetland remediation and mitigation plans
  • Interactions with appropriate agency representatives as necessary
  • Representation at agency meetings, on-site inspections and hearings